Build a Box review

Great review of Build a Box by Hot Vox

To paint Vain Galen with the label of just being a Rock band also brings connotations of injustice with it as well, as the London/Buckinghamshire based band is far more intelligent than that.

Their single, ‘Build A Box’, is a highly dynamic record that not only hops across different genres, but also showcases the immense talent of the band.

Within the intro, an unexpected wild western-esque reverb slicked guitar fill builds tension within the track before a colossal eruption of sound. Powerful guitar strokes, distorted bass fills and ever-present drums envelop the listener indefinitely.

However, this only leads to the calm before the storm. The bridge which ensues serves to transport you straight back to 90’s Seattle, in the wake of everything grunge.

After this we’re back into full gear. A tremolo picked, mammoth solo from guitarist Wayne Houchin coupled with his distinct, and impressive, vocal range takes the track to even higher heights, before an almost drone like guitar brings the track to a complete stop.

Vain Galen are a serious music lovers’ band and you’d be mad to miss them. They play at The Black Heart in Camden on Friday, February 20th.

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