London Unsigned Review

Nice review from Rossco at London Unsigned

London Unsigned review of "I Can Hold my Breath for a Long Time" We really appreciate the support!

Posted by Vain Galen on Sunday, February 14, 2016

Three Piece Alternative Rock band Vain Galen formed in 2012 and are regulars on the London gig scene as well as venturing further afield to High Wycombe and Sheffield. They play in Camden on 20.02.16 at The Black Heart for tickets visit their website check them out!

Vain Galen have a unique groove that glides through the gears with ease. Accelerating into the fast lane, all the while taking you for a ride with them. Powerfully rocking the brake pads off gearing up for the high speed pursuit of heavy hitting lead guitars breaking down the barriers of the communication burden of the mundane A road.

Catch ’em if you can these boys are burning up the highway to hell and back!

4 stars!

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