Vain Galen in Stoke Prior on 29/05/17

Really excited to be playing Breaking Bands Festival 2017


Vain Galen in Camden on 04/03/17

A Camden Rocks presents night!


Vain Galen in Uxbridge on 04/02/17

With the Crown & Treaty Rock Night boys!


Vain Galen in Uxbridge on 29/10/16


Crab Review

Great review of our latest single Contemplate the Immortality of the Crab over at theThe RingMaster Review

‘…with a sound which snarls even when it’s melodic prowess embraces ears, there is plenty more to the band’s sound than the alternative rock tag suggests, coaxing ears with low key lure before leaping upon them with muscular rhythms and in turn a fiery blaze of guitar as vocals roar’